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Renato Bellagio and Sergio Foster ...

Renato Bellagio and Sergio Foster meet up with an eager, horny and hot young friend, at the beginning of this 22 minute group sex scene. Outdoors on the patio, the kissing and cock sucking keeps getting hotter, until the trio strip nude. The fun continues with toys, and finally moves on to one lucky bottom getting an anal train run on him! This session runs into the evening, until dusk settles ...

LENGTH: 22:45     |     STARRING: Sergio Foster, Renato Bellagio     |     PICTURES: 66

Oleg Romanov and Chad Driver - Roo...

Oleg Romanov is in the shower while Chad Driver messes with his sports equipment, in this 18 minute scene. Chad steps into the bathroom and catches Oleg using the shower sprayer as a masturbation toy... and decides his mouth will do it better! He gives, then gets a blowjob, then gets fucked in the ass as thanks. These two twinks have hot, cut, hairless bodies and powerful muscles, and a chemist...

LENGTH: 18:02     |     STARRING: Chad Driver, Oleg Romanov     |     PICTURES: 61

Buck McCall - Jailed Twink's Darin...

Buck McCall, one of the world's sexiest and most sensual twinks, enjoys himself for a lazy afternoon of masturbation in his jail cell, in this 12 minute quickie. He watches himself stroking in the mirror, lays back and relaxes while tickling his knob, and generally treats himself to a nice deluxe session of pleasure... and he enjoys it all the more because laying in that jail cell, you never know...

LENGTH: 12:21     |     STARRING: Buck McCall     |     PICTURES: 69

Adam, Jay, and Alexander - Young, ...

Adam Kubick, Jay Renfro, and Alexander Marino spend 17 perfect minutes in bed, for this playful and passionate scene. Two fit, young lovers have just gotten started with a blowjob, while a friend hits their shower. By the time the shower's done, the lovers have moved past toys, and are well into passionate anal on the bedsheets. They didn't forget... they planned this! Three big cocks get drai...

LENGTH: 17:36     |     STARRING: Adam Kubick , Jay Renfro , Alexander Marino     |     PICTURES: 63

Kevin, Lucio and Miguel - Outdoor ...

Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, and Miguel Sabroso enjoy the best things nature has to offer, in today's 14 minute scene. The scene starts with one lovely jock rubbing his nipples and his big cock, on a spacious deck, overlooking a gorgeous hillside. But this sexy man isn't alone with his masturbation... two of his lovers come to turn up the heat, with anal group sex and a sticky mess all over those...

LENGTH: 14:40     |     STARRING: Miguel Sabroso, Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick     |     PICTURES: 63

Gabor Vad and Laci Somogy

Gabor Vad and Laci Somogy take one look at each other, in their sexy outfits, and immediately get out of public... so they can tear off those hot clothes! The action starts quickly, in this 25 minute scene. These are two amazing jocks with flawless, athletic bodies and huge, hungry cocks. Watch those muscles flex and heave, through orgasmic blowjobs and mind blowing anal sex that ends in shiver...

LENGTH: 24:57     |     STARRING: Gabor Vad, Laci Somogy     |     PICTURES: 73

Fred Fele - Group Sex after Team M...

Fred Fele and his buddies in the service tromp in the snow and brush for a teamwork exercise, before unwinding in the lounge, for this 39 minute scene. These three jocks look amazing in their uniforms, but once the clothes come off, and their big cocks and sexy muscles start to grind, it's even sexier. The next thing you know, this group sex session is in full swing, with one lucky bottom getti...

LENGTH: 39:16     |     STARRING: Fred Fele     |     PICTURES: 69

Outdoor Group Sex with Three Sexy ...

Jack Laurel, Jose Ganatti, and Jonathan Collins have the day off, and there's no ignoring the mutual attractions, in this 13 minute scene. The three hot jocks have a deal to transact, and nobody's complaining about the price... because sucking and fucking each other over a motorcycle, is hardly any payment at all! Three big cocks get everything they want, in an outdoor group sex scene you need t...

LENGTH: 13:25     |     STARRING: Jonathan Collins, Jack Laurel, Jose Ganatti     |     PICTURES: 80

Roberto Giorgio and Ray Phillips -...

Ray Phillips and Roberto Giorgio go out for a romantic walk, and they barely get out the front door before sinking into kisses together. They manage to get to the tree line before this 22 minute outdoor scene becomes outright porn. Watch up very close for some tight, clean analingus and anal sex, up against a tree, and on a blanket upon the dirt. After the bottom's pubes get soaked, the guys ki...

LENGTH: 22:47     |     STARRING: Roberto Giorgio, Ray Phillips     |     PICTURES: 68

Kristoff, Julio and Daryl - Mastur...

Julio Carillo, Kristoff Caine, and Daryl Dominguez share their separate masturbation scenes with the camera, in this 12 minute scene. They're at the workshop, each in their own spaces, and they can't take the stress for one more minute without some release. Let your eyes linger on their muscles and big cocks, as they go without the toys this time, and rub out the tension without even ducking to ...

LENGTH: 12:14     |     STARRING: Julio Carillo, Daryl Dominguez, Kristoff Caine     |     PICTURES: 85

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