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Rich Playboy Wants a Threesome

Roberto Giorgio invites Jack Larel and Leslie Manzel to gaze on the fruits of his success, in this 24 minute scene. The guys are only a little surprised when wealthy Roberto starts acting eccentric... and not a bit put-off, when the sexy playboy strips to his briefs, and starts making advances! Soon, these three jocks adorn the posh home in the nude, wearing each other out with anal and mutual m...

LENGTH: 23:55     |     STARRING: Roberto Giorgio, Jack Laurel, Leslie Manzel     |     PICTURES: 86

Jack Laurel Pumping his Big Iron o...

Jack Laurel is out on his boat for another dose of a sailor's solo satisfaction, in today's 8 minute outdoor quickie. He's fully nude for the full video, his dick's already rock hard, and he's stroking it full fist. It might be a short video, but you'll be so drawn into Jack's satisfied focus, it'll be plenty. Speaking of plenty, anyone who came here looking for big, pretty cocks is going to re...

LENGTH: 07:52     |     STARRING: Jack Laurel     |     PICTURES: 55

Group Sex After Hours

Work's almost done for the day, and the guys are tired... tired of sexual frustration, that is! The entire crew gets in on the action when Fred Goldsmith, Zoltan Kopre, Ben Mason, Peter Kristia, Charles Cromenberg and Benn Davis operate each others' heavy machinery in this 27 minute group sex scene. There's no shortage of big cocks being sucked and buried, in this muscle bound, solid and throb...

LENGTH: 27:48     |     STARRING: Ben Mason, Fred Goldsmith, Peter Kristia, Zoltan Kopre, Charles Cromenberg, Benn Davis     |     PICTURES: 56

Rick Bauer and Roberto Giorgio - T...

Rick Bauer and Roberto Giorgio are taking chow with their unit, at the beginning of this 27 minute group sex scene. After some drills, the guys are allowed to fall out, and their superiors retire to wind down. After talking about the unit, the evening turns toward a different kind of camaraderie... the kind that involves sucking each others' big cocks, and all kinds of throbbing, glistening, and...

LENGTH: 27:32     |     STARRING: Roberto Giorgio, Rick Bauer     |     PICTURES: 68

Stephen Biggar and Tad Harrison - ...

Stephen Biggar and Tad Harrison cools off in the pool with a gang of twinks at a gorgeous day spa, in this 26 minute group sex scene. After swimming, they head to the shower together - and when slippery soap and big cocks meet, everybody suddenly gets interested. Then they're off to the hot tub, and the fun stops being about looking and flirting - it's now time for blowjobs and anal sex!

LENGTH: 26:04     |     STARRING: Tad Harrison, Stephen Biggar     |     PICTURES: 76

Group Sex in an Open Field

Fred Goldsmith and all the sexy jocks in his crew head out into an open field for an afternoon of group sex, in this 28 minute scene. The first three guys stop at a spot in plain view of a road, but nobody's worried about getting caught - in fact, the more, the merrier! They strip to their socks and start sucking each others big cocks, while more guys pile in, leading to a beautiful circle of an...

LENGTH: 28:21     |     STARRING: Ken Spencer, Fred Goldsmith, Jack Laurel, Rick Perry, Ray Phillips, Leslie Manzel     |     PICTURES: 77

Three Boxers Pound Each Others' Boxes

Boxing is hard work, and training is even harder - especially if your training partners give your cock more of a workout, than your fists! Andreas Harris, Helmut Muller, and Emerson Moralles take off the gloves along with their shorts, in this 18 minute group sex scene. These guys are fit, agile, and they perform like well-oiled machines... and if you don't believe us, wait until it's ''all aboa...

LENGTH: 18:27     |     STARRING: Andreas Harris, Helmut Muller, Emerson Moralles     |     PICTURES: 72

Keith Hansel and Rudy Strong Fuck ...

Rudy Strong and Keith Hansel meet on the stairway, and there's a moment of tension. But the tension melts away as they decide to stop their routines for a quick fuck, in this 15 minute scene. Some couples might at least head for a couch, but the whole scene happens right where it begins - both guys get their big cocks satisfied, with blowjobs, masturbation, and anal, right on the landing

LENGTH: 15:42     |     STARRING: Rudy Strong, Keith Hansel     |     PICTURES: 75

Fernando Nielsen and Dean Edwards ...

Fernando Nielsen and Dean Edwards get about as down and dirty, as ''down and dirty'' gets, in this 6 minute outdoor quickie. When was the last time you and your lover laid down buck naked, in the mud, for anal sex? There's a lot to enjoy in this animalistic, natural, primal scene. The sexy bottom lays there, staring at the sky, and getting his ass rammed until it's time to dump both cumshots on...

LENGTH: 06:00     |     STARRING: Fernando Nielsen, Dean Edwards     |     PICTURES: 49

Cole Parker - Masturbating in the ...

Cole Parker wakes up horny, in this 12 minute masturbation scene. He sees his bed head and hard cock in the mirror, and knows what's first up on his morning agenda. He stands there watching himself rub one out for the whole runtime. His leg goes up on the dresser so he can relax and take it slow for a while, which only gets him cumming sooner in the end!

LENGTH: 12:48     |     STARRING: Cole Parker     |     PICTURES: 67

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