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Two Gay Couples Having Group Sex

Two gay couples get intimate, merely pairing off at first, in this 22 minute group sex scene. Daniel Paxton, Ralph Rohner, Alexandru Cuza, and Jean Guttenberg are four cut twinks who've been waiting a little too long for this. Those kisses travel down nude bodies, and the pairs of guys merge. Soon, three guys are playing with each others' big cocks, treating each other to blowjobs, masturbation...

LENGTH: 22:42     |     STARRING: Alexandru Cuza, Daniel Paxton, Ralph Rohner, Jean Guttenberg     |     PICTURES: 72

Fred Goldsmith and Fabrice Felder

Fred Goldsmith always gets his man... and today, his man is Fabrice Felder, for an 11 minute scene. There's no setup for today's scene... because there's no need for one. The guys are already fucking before the camera starts to roll. This anal drilling is so hot, the guys can't just cum and get it over with... they decide to take it outside and continue! Once they drain their big cocks, they k...

LENGTH: 11:38     |     STARRING: Fred Goldsmith, Fabrice Felder     |     PICTURES: 60

Group Sex After Sparring

After sparring practice, watch as Tony Magera, Eddie Anderson, Tom Browne and Jonathan Collins stay late after class, for a 28 minute group sex scene. A room full of gym mats, some laid out, some stacked in piles... can you imagine a better place for licking the muscles and riding the big cocks of your favorite fuck buddies? They 69, have anal sex, and soak each other in hot, sticky gratificatio...

LENGTH: 27:55     |     STARRING: Jonathan Collins, Tony Magera, Tom Browne, Eddie Anderson     |     PICTURES: 70

Claudio Antonelli - Good Old Basic...

Claudio Antonelli makes himself comfortable and communes with nature in this 7 minute outdoor masturbation quickie. He's already nude when the video starts, relaxing on a rock by the water, cock in hand. A body like Claudio's is perfect for a nice, basic rub-out scene... hard muscles, a big cock, and very thorough hands that roam while they stroke. The video ends with a close-up as his dick fin...

LENGTH: 07:33     |     STARRING: Claudio Antonelli     |     PICTURES: 56

Five Hot Jocks Having Group Sex

Soccer is one way to get a gang of sexy guys to notice each other... but a nude dip in the cool water works even better! Alberto Martinez, Marko Hanson, Austin Rogers, Allan Parkers, and Lazzaro Ramirez star together in this hot and cool group sex scene. Ever been walked in on during anal sex? Ever watched in secret while your friends had an orgy at the office? In just 24 minutes, these guys c...

LENGTH: 24:45     |     STARRING: Marko Hanson, Austin Rogers, Lazzaro Ramirez, Allan Parkers, Alberto Martinez     |     PICTURES: 80

Marco and Roland Having Anal in th...

Marco Campbell and Roland Somsak enjoy a lovely day outdoors, before enjoying each others' big cocks, in today's 19 minute scene. Everybody loves having their most skilled fuck buddy pin them down with an aggressive blowjob... it's just the thing to get you melting, weak at the knees, and ready for more! And more is just what they get... get ready for a toe-curling episode of anal sex on the gra...

LENGTH: 19:21     |     STARRING: Marco Campbell, Roland Somsak     |     PICTURES: 92

Eddie Schulz and Tony Magera at Home

Eddie Schulz and Tony Magera break in the new furniture, in today's 20 minute feature. This well-off couple has the good life, with a great view from the bedroom, and color choices that remind them of naked flesh. Not that they need help staying horny... not with such big cocks, such toned bodies, and such willing lovers... as you'll see! After a few positions of anal, they kiss, and the camer...

LENGTH: 20:21     |     STARRING: Tony Magera, Eddie Schulz     |     PICTURES: 74

Rick and Rick's Outdoor Adventures

Rick Bauer and Rick Perry enjoy the sunset over the mountains, then relax with their other favorite kind of big hard rocks, in this 13 minute outdoor scene. Once the quiet moment is over, these two sexy jocks have nothing else on their minds but sucking each other off. Once the blowjob scene is done, we cut to another outdoor adventure... this time with both guys fully nude, in a session includi...

LENGTH: 12:52     |     STARRING: Rick Perry, Rick Bauer     |     PICTURES: 70

Fredy, Jay and Julio - After Closi...

Fredy Costa, Jay Avedon and Julio Carillo are ready to close up the go cart track, and let off some steam, when this 10 minute scene begins. The very second the carts get switched off, the guys get switched on - their jumpsuits haven't even hit the floor, before they start playing with each others' big cocks! While two of the guys suck and fuck each other, a third watches and uses it all as mast...

LENGTH: 10:22     |     STARRING: Julio Carillo, Fredy Costa, Jay Avedon     |     PICTURES: 70

Brian, Alexander and Patrick - Col...

Bryan McCain, Alexander Zorin, and Patrick Veselsky have been out enjoying the snow all day. Now it's time to come inside, and enjoy the warmth... of each others' big cocks! The trio relaxes together a while, but no sooner is the chill out of their bones, than their bones come out of their pants. This 30 minute group sex scene has the three yummy twinks keep each other warm with anal sex and a ...

LENGTH: 30:16     |     STARRING: Alexander Zorin, Bryan McCain, Patrick Veselsky     |     PICTURES: 57

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